Maissama Mayala Thallivi Ma Yamma

Sno. Song Singers
1 01 Jamadagani Bhrayave G L Namdev
2 02 Kali Kali Mathave G L Namdev
3 03 Chettu Kinda G L Namdev
4 04 Chitta Pulla Cheera G L Namdev
5 05 Moju Padithiva G L Namdev
6 06 Jouru Jouru Wala G L Namdev
7 07 Yappa Chettu G L Namdev
8 08 Mere Naam G L Namdev
9 09 Yedu Payala Durgammave G L Namdev
10 10 Maissama Mayala Thalli G L Namdev

: : Mahankali is the wife of god who has control over the universe. Maisamma thalli is offered prayers by Bonam which is conducted on the first sunday of Ashada Masam in secunderabad, later next sunday of the same season in telangana and rest of hyderabad. Some offer bonam in shravana masam also. It is trusted by people to offer bonam to God, and everything will be good. Listen telangana maisamma telugu folk songs