Meluko Maa Talli Meluko ve

Sno. Song Singers
1 01 Meluko Maa Talli Melukove G L Namdev
2 02 Mavurala Yellamao Mayadari Style G L Namdev
3 03 Yellamma Maadokka G L Namdev
4 04 Thotlo Velasina G L Namdev
5 05 Yedu Payala Durgamma G L Namdev
6 06 Maa Talli Yellama G L Namdev
7 07 Gandipeta Thalli G L Namdev
8 08 Bonlamma Bonalam G L Namdev
9 09 Kallu Thera Bammardi G L Namdev
10 10 Maa Yadavala Jatra G L Namdev

: : Meluko Maa thalli Melukove song is about maisamma thalli, mahankali,... telling about her look, wearing garlands , with jewellery dressed, the looks are very energetic with powers in her .Mavurala Yellamma is goddess in that village. In few villages, Mother of Earth is located in entry to that village, people say that goddess will protect them from all bad evils. Listen telangana telugu folk songs